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Traditional for all daily housework

Anatomic Design
Multipurpose your daily domestic and semi-rough task around the home environment and more. Providing comfort and safety, created with non-slip texture on palm and fingertips, formulated with reinforcing additives.
100% natural latex. Minimal allergic reaction to latex.

Meet the standar NMX-S-039-SCFI-2000
  • S - 6½, 7
  • M - 7½, 8
  • L - 8½, 9
Organic acids, mineral acids, alkalis and alcohols.
Protecting your hands:
Technical Information
Material Class Minimum lenght Average weight Average thickness
Natural latex 100% Class 1
type B
11.41 in 2.25 oz pair
according to size
0.018 in ± 0.001 in


For all domestic and semi rough work.