We are a 100% Mexican-owned company founded in 1994.

Our mission is to provide high quality manufacturing of natural latex (rubber) products targeted to selected branches of industry and commerce.

Quality certified by IMNC IMNC under the standard: NMX-S-039-SFCI-2000

Our Mission

Our company understands life with a great sense of service, our greatest satisfaction is to be the best in what we do, and do it with sustentability, offering the best products to our costumers and with the fruit of our work live with quality and provide profits for our shareholders.

Our mission is being the national leader in latex products manufacture, keeping the quality of our products and costumer service.

Our Values


  • Guantes Altex is born
  • 3 artesanal production lines managed by 6 employees.
  • One plant operated with minimum resources.
  • Production: Domestic Gloves (9,000 pieces/month) and swimming caps.



  • Production lines with more than 150 operators.
  • One plant located in Xalostoc, Edo. Mex. and Corporate offices located in Tlalnepantla, Edo. Mex.
  • We have important technical resources that allow to produce 1.5 million gloves per month
  • Certified Quality Production by

A national manufacturer supports environment:

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Using Biodegradable Commodities

Recyclable packaging

Electric Energy Saving

A clean process and a controlled production

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