COVID19 How to wash and store latex and nitrile gloves (reusable only)

How to wash and store reusable gloves?

"it is not necessary to use gloves while out on the street and proper hand hygiene is more effective as protective measure against the spread of the coronavirus and reducing the risk of infection.

However, when disinfecting household objects and surfaces, it is advisable to use latex or nitrile gloves to protect you from the chemicals used.

Recommendations for proper preservation /storage of reusable gloves

A key aspect, and perhaps the most important, is to wash hands with soap and water before putting the gloves on and after taking them off. To avoid contact with extreme heat, (sunlight) or cold temperatures. After each use, rinse gloves with mildly soapy water to eliminate traces of microorganisms and chemicals (these components may be corrosive).

Another important process is drying. When drying gloves after rinsing, turn them inside out, so that the inside dries, therefore preventing the accumulation of humidity that favours the appearance of microorganisms.

Keep your cleaning gloves longer

Avoid exposure to high temperatures

Do not leave your gloves exposed to sunlight, heat or cold. Heat causes the glove material to "melt" and therefore looses the elasticity and its properties. cold temperatures make the rubber crystallize, causing it to lose elasticity as well.

Wash them after each use

Use soap and water to clean the gloves after each use. This way, you will eliminate cleaning products, germs and bacteria. This will help to extend their life, as the components of cleaning products (chlorine, bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, etc.) can be corrosive to the gloves.

To dry them, do it upside down. This way, you will avoid accumulating humidity in some areas over time, which could damage the glove or encourage the appearance of germs.
If you are going to spend time without using them, wash them in warm water with a little ammonia. Rinse them carefully and sprinkle them inside and out with talcum powder. Keep them wrapped in a piece of paper to minimize contact with moisture..

Don't forget to take care of your hands

We recommend to wash and moisturize hands after using gloves. To prevent puncturing the gloves with the nails, choose gloves that are loose on the fingertips. The tip of gloves is one of the points where they break most, precisely because of the nails.